Roger has voiced television commercial campaigns for transmission across the UK and as far afield as Hong Kong and Nigeria.

National Television Commercial Campaigns

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter UK (McCann Erickson)

Formula 1 DVD

HMV UK (Banana Split)

Deep Heat UK (Virtual TV)

Formula 1 DVD

Asda UK (Banana Split)

Star Beer Nigeria (Great Guns)

National Television Sponsorships

Lloyds Of London

Bloomberg (Gallery Media)

Head & Shoulders

Soccer AM Sky (Hatch)


National Radio Commercial Campaigns

Peugeot “Operation Escapade” McCann Erickson

Black & Decker “Springtime” McCann Erickson “Travelocity Challenge” MCBD

History Channel “Adam Hart Davis: How London Was Built” (Karmarama)

“I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” (McCann Erickson)

Online Commercial Campaigns

Ladbrokes/Sky Lads Cup


Andy McNab “Zero Hour”

Trans World Publications (Hatch)