“... a vital role in an episode of Panarama” ...

Richard Jack - Director of BBC Panorama

Whether it requires straight, non-intrusive narration or subtle character voices, Roger has worked on many mainstream television documentaries for many channels. He was a French scientist in the BBC’s Days That Shook The World; a horseracing commentator, newsreader and reporter in ITV’s To Kidnap A Princess profiling the kidnap attempt of Princess Anne; he reprised his University Challenge role for the BBC 1’s Panorama’s Blair’s University Challenge.

BBC’S producers have regularly brought him in for vocal contributions for their current affairs programmes since 2003.

Channel Five chose Tilling to voice the Man Eaters series of wildlife documentaries. The series explored the deadly but sometimes misunderstood reputation of lions, tigers, pumas, sharks, alligators, crocodiles, dogs, bears and wolves! Roger was again Channel Five’s choice to deliver a terrifying glimpse of hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, volcanoes and asteroid impacts in the Naked Science series.

Roger re-voiced the acclaimed Man Eaters wildlife series for ITV Global for worldwide distribution. He has narrated over 100 documentaries for National Geographic Channel which are broadcast worldwide across the global network. The History Channel has chosen Roger for over 100 of their productions, as has The Biography Channel and the Crime & Investigation Network.

He’s guided us around the sunnier climes in Head For The Med on the Travel Channel and was slightly more ‘in-your-face’ for the When…Goes Wrong series for Sky One!

So far, Roger has given his vocal talents to hundreds of documentary programmes for many terrestrial, cable and satellite channels. Whatever the style of delivery for a documentary series, from a whisper to a roar, Roger can deliver the exact style every time, and in minimal studio time.

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