Television Continuity

Roger has been an on-air continuity announcer since 1996. He started out working live for ITV Westcountry Television before moving to Granada Television in 1997, working simultaneously for Granada, Yorkshire and Tyne Tees. He was also one of the main announcers for LWT for five years, before taking charge of continuity for Granada Sky Broadcasting’s 3 channels in 1999.

In 2001, he was made continuity announcer for Universal Channel (formerly Hallmark Channel), and continues to be this day. In 2006, he also became the voice of choice for their new movie channel, Movies24, across the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Roger is now the voice and scriptwriter for Universal Networks International’s portfolio of channels of Universal Channel, Movies24, 13th Street, Diva Universal and Studio Universal across the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Having been a live radio presenter and continuity announcer on the ITV network for ten years (where mistakes are not an option) he is highly experienced in creating the right spontaneity and atmosphere in pre-recorded and live television and writes all his own scripts.

Computer Games

Roger has provided numerous character voices for computer games, and most recently for The Day After (aka The Cuban Missile Crisis in some countries) produced by G5 Software, on international release by Black Bean Games for PC and Microsoft XBOX.

Cuba, 1962. The United States have increased their intelligence activity in Cuba, due to which the Soviet and Cuban counterintelligence started exposing more American spies and saboteurs.

The Day After is a war simulator with turn-based operation planning mode and tactical battles in real-time, fashioned in the style of alternative history with use of actual weaponry of 1960s.

Satellite Navigation Systems

The Japanese BAKU Corporation selected Roger as the English speaking voice for the in-car satellite navigation systems in Land Rover, Toyota, Range Rover and Jaguar cars – the official factory-fitted versions directly from the car manufacturers.

“Roger had to provide many different military voices and accents on The Day After, and you would never know they were voiced by the same person! As far as computer games go, he was a key part of our successful international project.”

Davide Bordegoni - Product Manager, G5 Software

“Roger is a unique broadcasting talent; an extraordinarily versatile vocal gymnast. His range is exceptional: from velvety chocolate tones through to a noise akin to a naked yodeller in a sandstorm. I salute him.”

Mathew Woods - Marketing Director

Other Voiceover Work