University Challenge

Roger first stepped into the quiz show studio back in 1997 for University Challenge, and continues to be the voice of one of the world’s longest running television series. The voiceovers are performed live in the studio and become noticeably more energetic towards the end of the programme, with split-second precision every time as the pace of the show increases.

It requires fast reactions - there’s no time to blink when a student buzzes in – especially when the announcements involve some brilliant surnames like Singanayagam, Bhattacharya and Warnakulasuriya, and the pace is fast as both teams are neck-to-neck in the final 3 minutes of the show!

The series has also spawned spin-off series including University Challenge Reunited, University Challenge: The Professionals, Schools Challenge and a number of annual celebrity specials.

“It’s extremely good fun to do – the crew is so much fun to work with as are the students, there is even some entertainment for the audience while Jeremy and I have an elastic band fight in the studio. Annoyingly, he’s usually a better aim than I am!”

Family Fortunes

ITV not only hired Roger as the voiceover for 80 episodes of Family Fortunes, but also asked him to write scripts for 550 prize descriptions with a refreshingly off-the-wall approach, rather than the well-worn style “you’ve won a dishwasher…”

Other quiz shows Roger has been engaged in have included pilot shows for clients like TalkbackThames/ Fremantle.


“Roger sits in a pigeon-loft above the University Challenge studio, munching on rubber bands. Occasionally, he gets the name of a team member right…”

Jeremy Paxman - Presenter, University Challenge

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